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Open 24/7 our pilot store brings you pieces straight from the motherland. Currently we are curating and stocking items from Maasai artisans in Kenya.



Our aim is to rewrite and recreate the narrative of people of Afrikan descent by producing content that is unbiased and aims to reflect a humanistic and full representation of the lives of people of Afrikan descent. We host campaigns and report on everything Afrikan inspired in art, music, fashion and social change. After all we are a social enterprise working together with our community to counter the one-dimensional narrative of our people. 

2016 - I AM

Countering one-dimensional narratives about people of African descent in New Zealand using visual methodologies and participatory photography. The exhibition was part of Auckland Festival of Photography, Fringe Festival and the Afrika Day celebrations. 


2015 - Drums & Dialogue

Deconstructing and reimagining the identity of Afrika using music to inspire and channel advocacy for a more positive representation of Africa and her people.


2014 - Kings & Queens Collection

The Kings & Queens collection was inspired by the Kings and Queens of Afrika. When they speak of Afrikan history they focus on stories of the ‘dark’ continent and do all they can to suppress, distort and ignore the fact that we are heirs. Long before the slavery & colonialisation, we were Kings and Queens of Kingdoms that stretched far and wide.

2013 - Africa on My Sleeve

In our first year we hosted a fashion showcase that celebrated the Afrikan creative class. It was the first Afrikan fashion showcase to be hosted in New Zealand. 


Ever so often we get a chance to sit down with a musician, artist, creative, social changer and all round dynamic individuals and talk about their work. As this platform is for the people and about the people, on the blog we take the chance to get to know Africa's children scattered across the globe. This is also the place to keep up to date with events, campaigns and news.

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