The movement 

Africa on My Sleeve Limited (AOMS) exisits to provide a platform for creative individuals inspired by the diversity, beauty and spirit of the African continent.

Established in 2013, AOMS aims to promote different art forms that are rooted in the African culture. Through various campaigns and events our role is to raise awareness of the role that Africa plays in the creative and design process. 

With each campaign implemented and event hosted, our objectives are:

1 To establish a structure and platform beneficial for the development of creatives inspired by Africa 

2 To support the personal and professional growth of emerging creatives in an effort to promote economic empowerment

3 Elevate African inspired creativity while promoting the visibility and knowledge of the African culture

4 Create opportunities for disadvantaged communities by participating in philanthropic activities. 


  • Collaboration - We work together with creatives to ensure their art form is marketed to a wide audience
  • Passion - We are passionate about what we do
  • Diversity - We aim embody the diversity of the different regions within Africa
  • Quality - All our productions, garments and accessories are produced to be of the finest quality
  • Reliability - We aim to be reliable to our supplier, customers and designers

The Africa on My Sleeve team is made up of individuals with skills in public relations, accounting,  finance, marketing, management, graphic design and photography.

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