"If you don't like someone's story, write your own" - Chinua Achebe

our story

Founded in 2013, Afrika on My Sleeve is the movement for the people rooted in the spirit of Ubuntu. After living in New Zealand from the age of ten, Founder, Makanaka Tuwe found out that one of the pains of being a third culture kid was the constant misrepresentation of your motherland. In the media space, the lives of people of African descent continue to be painted as a symbol of pervasion, poverty, crime and shame. The coverage also tends to be reductionist and superficial; perpetuating a racially-charged denigrating and dehumanising negative image.

Studies reveal that others confront individuals from migrant and refugee backgrounds with ascriptions that are at times a result of one-dimensional media representation of the ‘other’ that result in interactions based on experiencing imagery that is heavily laden with stereotypes. For most the negative image becomes internalised and it affects their cultural and even political choices in ordinary living. Over the years numerous studies have been conducted to establish the impact of media representations on people of African descent – notably African-Americans. However, negative and one-dimensional representations continue to be rife in the media sphere. After exploration of relevant literature it became apparent that identifying the impact was not enough and in order to co-exist in a multicultural society, counter narratives have to be created. 

Using creative methodologies and collaborations, Afrika on My Sleeve aims to enable the collecting and telling of stories that empower the community as a shared rather than individual experience. 

This is us writing a story for us and creating our own narrative. We report, organise and participate with all things Afrikan inspired in art, fashion and music.


Makanaka Tuwe

A neatly packaged combination of tree hugger, tea drinker, cider loving, self appointed wine connoisseur, explorer, social entrepreneur, woman’s rights activist, reggae swaying, serial snap chatter, people loving, community and social development dreamer, book reading, free spirited dynamite. Can be found laughing at inappropriate memes or happenings of life.  Hailing from the Southern part of the African continent, Zimbabwe, I am a citizen of the world and above all a womanist.

Can be found:

Recording the musings of life at Sesa Mathlo

Creating and curating content for organisations at The Content Queen New Zealand

Completing her Masters of Communication (focusing on communication for social change) in Auckland

Retweeting this and that on Twitter