Africa on My Sleeve Limited have postponed their showcase ’Cradle of Creativity’ that was set to happen at The Opera House Wellington on November 29. New dates will be announced in the New Year and refunds will be available through Ticketek.


Below is a message from the team:


To all our fantastic and supportive supporters, we are very sorry to announce that we will be postponing this year’s fashion showcase. While we are excited to present to you what we have been working on during the year, they have been more opportunities that have arisen, leading us to re-evaluate the time we launch ‘Cradle of Creativity’.


As our ambitions, aims and purpose grow, we want to make sure we get it right for the sake of all those involved. There is a lot of really great things going on behind the scenes and we would love to tell you, but we need to take some time to make sure everything settles perfectly and fits.


Your support during the year is much appreciated and we look forward to implementing new elements that will enable us to have a bigger impact. At the end of the day, Africa on My Sleeve is a legacy we are creating for the betterment of the community and embarking on a community development centered journey and we want to make it the best journey possible.