Mother's Day High Tea Affair

On the 10th and 11th of May we hosted a Mother's Day High Tea to raise funds for our 2014 projects. We managed to raise $1,500 and have $48,500 to go. Although my oven is no longer working and the team is still catching up on some much needed sleep, we are thankful to the universe for the love that was shown to us before, during and after the two sessions.

The day would not have been possible without the help of the volunteers who took the time out of their busy schedules to help. It wasn't easy especially on the Saturday session, a late start and a lot of nerves but we managed to soldier through. The highlight of both sessions was a nice cuddle from one of our guests who was touched by our cause and vision for Africa. 

The event would have not been possible without the stall holders who added some flavour, spice and uniqueness to the event. On board we had Kraftee, Blaque Inc, Gwamu and Britts Luchi Fashion Stylist. 

Kraftee Designs - Kraftee Designs is the brainchild of the team's graphic designer. The Founder Tee Tomu is passionate about UX Design and all things hand made. For the day she designed cushion covers, frames and paintings. To purchase your own Kraftee creation, contact Tee here. 

Blaque Inc - Blaque Inc provides Ghanaian paintings for clients who want to add an African inspired look to their spaces. As off the 24th of March, 'Africa on My Sleeve' will become the distributor of Blaque Inc products in a move to support local Ghanaian artists. 

Gwamu - Gwamu is a social enterprise where disruptive social entrepreneurs work together to ignite entrepreneurial social action through business consulting. To find out more about Gwamu visit their Facebook Page.

Britts Luchi - Britts Luchi owns some unique vintage pieces. We won't reveal much as we are keeping all that on the down low as we prepare for the shop opening. You heard it hear first!

After the success of the high teas we are feeling energised. During our reflection session we realised that the project was just not about African inspired fashion but it was also about sharing an aspect of our culture in every day interactions. With that said we are excited for the next two collaborations which will be centered around the visibility and knowledge of African history. Of course this will be presented through fashion :)

Maka x

Sponsors: Love, Cover, Protect; Pak n Save Mt Albert, House of JC Le Roux and Body Shop St Lukes, 

Night in the Wilderness

Visible in conversation: The day fuel was added to my fire.

Visible in conversation: The day fuel was added to my fire.