The Marr Factory - Karen Walker

Last week Sunday I headed to The Marr Factory Karen Walker show presented by Shop Viva with the intention to soak in all the fashion and quench my thirst. Boy was my thirst quenched! As each item hit the runway I mercilessly pressed the centre button on my phone capturing every moment. You know what they say "take a picture, it lasts longer"!  As each model walked down the runway I whispered to my friend "I REALLY need that".

As always Karen Walker does not disappoint and there is something so 'her' about each item presented on the runway. After the show I remember saying to one of the girls, you can tell something is Karen Walker as she is consistent. Each item from her collections is chic, laid back, flirty, flowy, easy and oh so fabulous. I even saw some print up in the mix!

Then there was this t-shirt that had "Young, willing and eager" printed on it. My life was summed up in four words! 

It was a beautiful evening, catching up with friends and sipping on delicious cocktails. Fashion and drinks, what a combination!


Maka xx

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