Cradle of Creativity - Clara Lawson

West Africa is the home of many African inspired designers and today's Cradle of Creativity is a presentation of Clara Lawson a designer from Burkina Faso. We weren't able to have a chat to her but here is a blurb from her website and our top looks from her collections.

"Hailing from Burkina Faso in Western Africa and trained in Europe, Clara Lawson Ames brings unparallel creativity and talent. Over the past 20 years, Ms. Ames’s designs have won numerous International accolades including the prestigious African Diamond Award, presented in Sun City, South Africa, as well as, a Biz Africa Award conferred by the World Confederation of Business in Dakar, Senegal. Most recently, the Cambridge Executive Professional Entrepreneurial “EPEs” Award was bestowed on her."

"All her creations have showcased unparalleled creativity, and each piece elaborately incorporates the use of luxurious Vlisco fabric. Her keen eye and fashion expertise have enabled her to enhance her brand among fashion connoisseurs worldwide."

"In 2009, she successfully launched her brand via "Siren of Sahel 1 & 2, Discover the New Face of Africa" a two part fashion event premiering in Chicago and subsequently Washington DC. Always an advocate for cultural preservation, Ms. Lawson Ames is the president and founder of the non-profit ASSOCIATION DE SOUTIEN AU DEVELOPPEMENT DE L’ART VESTIMENTAIRE ET DU TEXTILE AFRICAIN, ASDAVTA (Association in Support of African Art Dressing and Textiles Development)."

To keep up with Clara and to express an interest in her designs visit her website

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