Incognito Print - Can I be myself?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a name!!

After a few weeks of assisting with facilitating the youth empowerment programme, a brainstorm took place and the name Incognito Print was the one. Incognito Print is a nod to the unknown experiences of youth from migrant background. When stereotypes about one's lived experiences are rife, their own identity becomes concealed and an incognito aspect to society. Through this programme we want to achieve empathy between youth from migrant backgrounds and public spaces, so they can feel safe and like they belong in the community.

During the sessions so much conversation has taken place that to articulate it would be a great disservice to the depth of the interactions. From discussing how association with dominant cultures can lead to an identity crisis to exploring how in our own communities we can make others feel like cultural outsiders, it has been an incredible experience. 

In addition to these discussions, the youth (in the next blog post we will be putting faces to names) got an opportunity to drop a track that related to who they are live on air. Below is a snippet of the show.

As the programme continues we are thrilled to be working with these youth to host a live performance event on the 14th. More details coming soon as well as an interview with each participant about what talent they will be showcasing at the live performance. 

It's human nature to want to categorize things, even people. This does not make it okay, it just means that when we have an awareness of that we are able to interact with each other, with cultural intelligence and compassion. 

Kujieleza - Expression

Drums and Dialogue V.2