Drums and Dialogue V.2

In the last couple of months I have noticed a trend on social media and around me - the silencing of individuals. It hurts to know that when people attempt to express themselves, to free themselves and their thoughts, that they are so quick to be hushed.

To be able to express yourself is to free your soul and to free yourself. We have teamed up with Phodiso to host a spoken word event at Neck of the Woods on the 11th of November.

We will be encouraging people to speak about what matters to them, whether it is love, politics or pulling a Kanye and screaming on stage, whatever you want to do or say you can bring it to the mic. In true Africa on My Sleeve style we will have a set of drums so if the words can't seem to come out, you are welcome to hop on the drums and drum the beat of your heart, your pain and your joy.

To register email africaonmysleeve@gmail.com otherwise see you on the 11th.

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