Incognito Print Live Performances

This Saturday we will be live at Beresford Square with live performances from Incognito Print. It has been such a great programme, with exciting outcomes and now the time has come for participants and everyone involved to showcase their method of expression. We had rehearsals the other night and the goosebumps, chills and excitement from the spoken word pieces, dances and music. Below is the tribe that has been involved and will be performing on Saturday.

My name is Fathe Tedros Tesfamariam. I recently graduated from South Seas Film and Television School where I graduted with a Diploma in Acting and Screen Arts. I am passionate about performing arts with focus on being a performer and director. I am grateful to be part of Incognito Print as it gives me an opportunity to connect with the community through my performing art skills.

Towards the end of 2014, I joined up to an 8 week course run by KFM, where I wanted to grow and inspire myself musically. This course brought me to meet talented NZ artists the likes of Bailey Wiley, Lucky Lance of Team Dynamite and Melodowz of Third3ye. Also among these talented individuals was Tim D who is dope photographer and film maker, and actually filmed my debut video. There were more people to mention (you know who you are) but it will make this long and dragged on. Through these amazing people I really got to see myself grow and take more steps in going forward in my desired path, which is to be a musician. Nadine, the most wonderful woman you will ever meet was the lady that really pulled strings at KFM at the time. It was because of her loving nature that she allowed to gain a slot on KFM as DJ, that I am still rocking today! Thanks to this course and KFM in general I became what I am today and am only growing. As well as all individuals that are affiliated with KFM I hope all people that get involved in KFM events, or programmes etc. take them on board and embrace every moment of it!

I'm a purebred 90's baby mixed with the roots of the coastal plains of Warrior King; Ghana and the laid back culture of Aotearoa. Nothing grabs my attention more than crazy colour and patterns. Nothing inspires me more than a wise and confidently quiet soul. Nothing motivates me more than the free creative spirits that dance on this earth and bless us with their presence. Incognito Print is going to be all of the above, a full mixture of this beauty and richness. I'm blessed to be an ingredient added to this simmering pot.

Nosipho-my name means gift, I always say I'm a gift to the world.....I've been to 37 cities, 4 continents of the world. 5 foot 10 qualified Hotelier originally from South Africa. I'm a dancer, artist, model with an open and creative mind, always smiling, enjoys outdoors and nature. I'm happy to be part of Incognito Print as it gives me an opportunity to meet other like minded people from similar background as mine and I'm learning a lot about the African Culture. Ta its your girl Knox ♡

My name is Adorate and I’m currently studying Media, Film and Television. Coming from a refugee/migrant background I’ve been involved heavily in this sector these last few months, bringing my own unique perspective to Incognito Print. I’m grateful to be a part of this team and to continue discussion around youth in public spaces, culture, identity and what these things all mean to me.

I'm a Kiwi girl with Brazilian flare and Nigerian roots. I'm a sarcastic walking thesaurus. A hybrid animal with a nomadic accent and a plethora of contradictions. I'm a 5 foot 11 dreamer with aspirations and goals that equate my size. Family, friends and fashion: that's what makes me, breaks me and agitates me. Music is the fruit of life and I indulge daily.
Only dead fish go with the flow. Make your own path and row your own boat. I am learning new things about myself every single day. Twenty years into this thing we call life and I wouldn't change a thing... But everything at the same time. Watch this space homies! I'm going to make waves.

See you on Saturday, Beresford Square 2 - 4pm! Once again mad love to Auckland City Council, Te Karanga Trust and KFM for backing this amazing initiative. 

We are one

Kujieleza - Expression