In recent years dance from the continent has taken the world by storm. Scroll down your social media channels and you are likely to find a video with a group of people dancing to an Afrobeats song. It has come to the point where when one thinks about dance from the African continent they automatically reference it to Azonto or to dance crews like CEO dancers. While this recognition of the art form is a great way to celebrate the culture, there is a need to take it back to the roots.

Join us on the 27th of June at Unitec Dance Studios as we learn about the movements that inspired what we now refer to as Afrobeats. The class will be taught by Alfdaniels Mabingo who is a traditional performer, teacher, writer, drummer and research of artistic practices from East Africa. The workshop will also incorporate a drumming aspect as we explore the connection that movement has with the beat of the drums.

It is all for the love, spreading the traditional practices of our people and: