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As a social enterprise one of our objectives is to create avenues for economic empowerment for women on the African continent. We have a few ideas that we are currently fine tuning but what better way to learn than to ask someone who has knowledge of the process. A couple of months ago we sat down with the beautiful Colombian Queen Adriana of Gwamu, Pallet Kingdom and Learn the Rules. She is the epitome of social entrepreneur and really puts her heart into the work she does.

During our conversation, she showed me the beautiful pieces she had created by the natives of Risaralda, Colombia. When I saw the pieces I couldn't help but see the similarity in the patterns and bead works, and how they looked like some pieces adorned by Kenyans and South Africans. We then went on to giggle about Africa being the mother and the place of origin of all people. As we chatted and discussed social enterprise amongst other things, some magic happened and we both decided it would be a great idea for Africa on My Sleeve to host the online store for these pieces. We were over the moon because not only are we working alongside a good friend and hosting beauty in our store, we are also part and parcel of helping a community.

The background story of the pieces is that they are handmade by the mothers in the Embera-Chami tribe. The money they receive from these pieces is their main source of income for their households. How awesome is that? Unfortunately, in recent years members of the Embera-Chami tribe have been driven from their territories and forced to live in refugee settlements. Ultimately, the process of selling these pieces is our way of paying some love and economic empowerment forward to the Embera-Chami community. 

We are loving this collaboration as it provides insight into how business and fashion can create a positive impact by empowering vulnerable communities. We are looking forward to playing our part in positively impacting communities.

To pay it forward visit www.shopafricaonmysleeve.bigcartel.com 

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