Silence is golden

Silence is golden and we have been silent because we have been out and about exploring, meeting new people, drafting up collaborations with super dope humans and being inspired by our surroundings. As well as finalising all the changes happening around here, it has been hectic fun! 

For about a week I spent time in Melbourne and when I say my eyes needed a rest after all the exploring, I am not even lying. Everywhere I looked they was inspiration, they were beautiful people going the extra mile to impact their communities positively, they were people championing for the creative industries as the catalyst for change and economic empowerment, they were exhibitions with beautifully crafted items that paid homage to the Aboriginal communities and they was so much love. In the time I was there I sat down with a lot of creatives, that were bubbling with excitement about community development and advocacy, people that are after my own heart.

It is safe to say that a change has been on the brink around here with Africa on My Sleeve since last year October and we are in the final stages of implementation. As it is evident, the work we are doing now involves fashion, music and art with a strong focus on community development and advocacy for the descendants of Mama Africa. More details coming but we are thrilled for this journey and even more thrilled with the love that you show us that keeps us going. This isn't about me and will never be about me, this is for the love of Africa, for the freedom of her people and for us as a community. 

Good things take time and for now we are exercising hard work, putting a whole lot of passion into everything we do and above all patience. In the next few posts it will be clips, freestyles, poems and all the good stuff from Drums & Dialogue and Drums & Dance. It's safe to say we been holdin' out on the goodies but once again good things take time. 

Love & light,


What is fashion design: the power of authenticity

What is fashion design: the power of authenticity

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