The year 2016 has seen the release of many anthems that touch upon the human experience. Coming out of Auckland, New Zealand is twenty-year-old producer and rapper NASH who’s striking visuals take us on a journey of the use of vices as a form of escapism.


Released on the 1st of December, VICES is not just a dark anthem with a banger for a beat, it questions the state of affairs of the world. Upon first listen you can’t help but think this is how I feel and I am glad someone else has articulated it. Throughout the song you hear themes of the deep inner conflicts of the soul and existential fears we try to numb out. Laced with heavy drums and a bold electric guitar, the track channels the angst of our generation growing up in these uncertain times.


Born in Gweru, Zimbabwe and residing in Auckland New Zealand, NASH had taken a three-year hiatus since his last project. In the time he has been on the hiatus he mixed, mastered and executive produced Raiza Biza’s ‘Day & Night’ EP, which was toured around Europe this year. In addition to that he is executive producing the collective AmmoNation’s debut EP that is being facilitated by Red Bull Studios Auckland.