Crowned mind - king spirit

Once upon a time I had the pleasure of meeting up with Hugh Ozumba to discuss music, the definition and role of the transitional generation, the stifling education system and its impact on creativity, new artists and the music scene. As I upgraded my technology, I also lost the interview and while my heart was shattered about the loss of the data, I will never forget the magic that was brewing in that discussion. I will never forget what he said when I asked him about what can be done to bridge the gap between Africans in the diaspora and Africans back in the motherland. He said he couldn't pinpoint a solution but the thing that we diasporians could do is come together, unite and support each other in our local communities and awaken that African consciousness as we walked towards making more steps on the ladder to success. 

Describing himself as a UK born Nigerian New Zealander, I would describe his refreshing hip-hop sound as a platform that combines production genius with a voice that isn't afraid to speak on faith, politics, social issues and the this and that of life. You know critical lyricism. 

While I continue to scream YAAAAAAAS at the lyrics of his song 'Mind the gap' that starts like: 

"Hail the Africanas

The rhymers and the runners

Harvesters of the diamonds and the farmers of the cottons"

See what I was saying about critical lyricism and endless yaaaaases?! Press play on his Soundcloud account and if you are in Auckland catch him live on the 18th at 'Who passed 'em the mic'


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