Africa Fashion Festival New Zealand

When I was first introduced to Pinaman she was helping the charismatic Barika at Afrika restaurant in Wellington. What struck me the most about this electric lady was the fearless manner in which she was dressed. Now I know everyone has personal style but not many have the confidence or grace to carry that style. I wouldn't know how to describe her style but I was in love with the vintage style and layered jewellery. Armed with a stylish closet, a career in policy and an appreciation for delectable food and wine, Pinaman is also the Founder and Executive Producer of the Africa Fashion Festival. Tremendously passionate about philanthropic and humanitarian work she is also the Founder of ADJOAA.

Born in Accra, Ghana and living in New Zealand for twelve years, Pinaman launched a social enterprise organisation ADJOAA in 2011 to offer an avenue that gives African designers and artists a platform to showcase their talent and to create commercial opportunities for them in the Australasian creative industry.

Backed by generous friends, supporters and a dream team, Pinaman had a soft-launch of ADJOAA and Africa Fashion Festival to socialise the initiative amongst press, invited guests and the creative community at the City Gallery Wellington.

Taking place on the 28th of May 2016 in the world coolest little capital, Wellington, the fashion festival is going to be an epic presentation of African inspired fashion from designers residing in New Zealand and overseas. The festival will support three key social initiatives for young Africans in New Zealand and across parts of Africa, in collaboration with the designers:

  • A mentoring programme for young African women in New Zealand to empower them to be more engaged in the community.
  • A three-month internship programme
  • Supporting education through the launch of our book club initiative in selected schools with the participating designers in their home country.

Without giving too much away, check out Africa Fashion Festival for more information on the designers showcasing. We are looking forward to the festival and supporting an initiative that uses the arts as a catalyst for social change. 

To keep up with Pinaman and the different projects she is involved in (check out her styling services!) show her some love on Facebook, do it with her on the 'Gram and Twitter. This is what Queen Bey meant when she said ladies let's get in formation - giving back and doing what we can in our own way to change the world. 

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