Mahiri - vibrant

Mahiri - vibrant in Swahili

We haven't dabbled with anything on the fashion front since 2014 as we have been working behind the scenes on an exciting collection that involves a lot of research and development. While we have been discussing different funding avenues for this collection as well as how to execute it, we came across some artisan stock from Kenya and have collaborated with an organisation to host their stock online. We are super excited as these items are not only handcrafted but they have also been purchased at a fair price, which means the artisans haven't been ripped off. As we are in the process of setting up an online platform for the stock, we are also in the process of doing some behind the scenes preparations. One of those things that need to be done before we start bringing some vibrant artisan to your doorstep, is a photoshoot.

As part of the photoshoot preparations we have created a visual diary with some inspiration on Pinterest. Check out the images below for what will be inspiring the shoot as well as the look and feel for the online shop. Look at all that melanin!

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