Illuminati Congo - health, wealth, knowledge of self

Jahn The Baptist an underground reggae/hip-hop artist who reigns from Chicago USA and was here in Auckland to bless us with his sound. Unlike most rappers, Jahn utilises his mantra of "as above, so below" to create a healing vibrational sound that brings the unity of the higher self and lower self. His lyricism is a reflection of his spirituality and embrace of earthly, human desires. We had the pleasure of sitting down and getting an insight into the voice behind the message. 

AOMS: It is an absolute pleasure to have you in Auckland! Without taking too much time, can you please tell us (the AfriKa on My Sleeve family) why you call yourself Illuminati Congo?

Illuminati Congo: Firstly, I am a Rastafarian and in Rasta Natty Congo is one of the names for Rasta people and it is another word for big dreadlocks. Naming myself Illuminati Congo is bringing it all together. The reason why I chose illuminati is because I see illumination in you, I see illumination in him, I see illumination in me and I see illumination in everybody. I think the fear based ideas of people trying to make you fear illuminati or always talking about this celebrity or that celebrity being in the illuminati is fear. It lowers people's vibrations and puts them in a mind state of fear. Illuminati Congo is here to remove the fear and speak about the illumination, which is all of us. 

AOMS: You are right about that because whenever I think about the word illuminati I instantly think of illumination or of light and I feel that as individuals we are beings made up of love and light. Therefore, when we illuminate, we are shining that light to each other as we are naturally supposed to. 

Illuminati Congo: And it happens naturally, you are light because this whole universe is light vibrations, so essentially everyone is illuminati and for them to accept that is to accept that they are the power and not that there are some other authorities outside. Yes, they are people who are making plans to try to harm people and take over lands and that has happened. However, those people are not called the illuminati and every time you call them that, not only are we inadvertently denying our own illumination but we are also labeling them something they don't even call themselves. 

AOMS: Thank you for explaining that, now when you say you are a Rastafarian, can you please explain what you mean by that. I only ask because I feel like there is this misconstruction of what it means to be a Rasta.

Illuminati Congo: Well there is many different approaches to Rasta and in Rasta there are four different houses: Bobo Shanti, Nyabinghi, 12 tribes and then you have the Ethiopian Orthodox. Those four are wonderful but that isn't all of Rasta, the beauty of Rasta is that it is a divine happening from your own heart. You may reason with another brethren or sistren and take some wisdom from what they are sharing, but it isn't about any organisation. Rasta is really from the heart and from a young age I would hear about His Majesty, I would hear about Haile Selassie, the more I was intrigued. Eventually through my investigations of H.I.M and Ethiopia, a conviction was formed in my heart that there was a divine presence. For me Haile Selassie is the infinite intelligence in the form of a King. 

AOMS: That's beautiful and that is the first time, well for me, that Rastafarian has been explained in a manner that is easy to understand. Have you ever been to Ethiopia?

Illuminati Congo: No, this is my first time outside of North America.

AOMS: Yaaas! Now back to the music, what sort of message and vibrations are you sending out to the people?

Illuminati Congo: I like to be as high or as vibrant as I can as a person so I like similar vibes to come out in my music. It's very high music and I purposely put messages in my music to dispel fear and to empower people. To help people contemplate their true nature so I have songs called Flower of LifeGreen is all I need; I do many different songs and they are fun songs but they communicate messages of light, of love and of healing.

AOMS: Light, love and healing; exactly what the world needs right now. You recently released two new projects, what are they about? 

Illuminati Congo: I released two new albums in July one is titled Siddha Gita and it's a tantric story album. All the songs are stories about different siddhas or different gods/goddesses from the Indian tradition. Once again, I know we are speaking to the AfriKa on My Sleeve family but all those places are of Afrikan origin: India, Europe, America, and Asia. Afrika is the origin of all those civilisations. I have seen Afrika as the earth, the continent as the root and the whole earth is the expansion of Afrika and that is why all the indigenous cultures of the world communicate the same wisdom that the indigenous cultures of Afrika communicated.

AOMS: I feel you; everything goes back to mother and mother in Mama Afrika! 

To listen to Illuminati's Congo's other release 'Health, Wealth, Knowledge of Self', click below. 

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