Press release: #ThisFlag Auckland Demonstrations

No to poverty, no to corruption, no to injustice - #ThisFlag demonstrations to be held in Auckland


Location: Wynyard Quarter, Auckland New Zealand

Date: 13 August 2016

Time: 12 – 3pm

The Zimbabwean people have reached a point where the need for freedom from oppression and fear are driving them to non-violent action throughout the world. 

On the 6th of July, the oppression plaguing Zimbabwe prompted a brave Pastor Evan Mawarire to record a video urging Zimbabweans to wake up and rally against corruption, poverty and injustice. He encouraged the Sub-Saharan nation to take part in #ShutDownZimbabwe by staying at home as a sign of their frustration of what has become a problematic and endangering status quo. 

Since the peaceful protests started in Zimbabwe the government there has ramped up its oppressive ways by using large numbers of police with teargas and batons to try and suppress citizens from speaking out against the oppressive regime of Robert Mugabe. Many have been arrested and hurt by simply standing up for their rights. 

Currently, lawyers from Zimbabwe's Human Rights are representing people who have been thrown into prison for daring to ask for basic human rights such as good governance, food for their families and justice and equality for all Zimbabweans regardless of race, tribe or creed.

To show solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, a peaceful demonstration will be held at Wynyard Quarter on the 13th of August. Demonstration organisers say the message will be “no to poverty – no to corruption – no to injustice”, and will be a call for the Zimbabwean government to respect human rights. Through demonstration, they hope the Zimbabwean government will realise that their control and inhumane treatment of citizens will no longer be tolerated. 

For media related inquiries please contact:

#ThisFlag Auckland, NZ Campaign


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