February the 12th was a day that was full of sisterly love, togetherness and a whole lot of fun. Many thanks to everyone who attended Goals & Head Wraps, it was an absolute pleasure hosting you beautiful sisters. Special thanks to Zororo Beauty Treatments for allowing us into their space and letting us use their beautiful garden for the day. Much love to Shakaiah Perez for managing the set up of the place, Gracious Tapfuma for assisting with set up and mad gratitude to Synthia Bahati for capturing the essence of the event.

The day started with introductions and each sister sharing what their high and low of the week was. This was followed with an exploration into what empowers me, what is my purpose and what does my future look like in an interactive session. For all those that attended remember: I am empowered to allow myself to be committed to allowing myself to be my best self.

The next event will be towards the end of March and this time we will be focusing on self-expression with movement, spoken word and writing. 

To be a black is to really appreciate where you come from, to know that not all black women are the same and that we all have so much to offer! I love being surrounded by my beautiful sisters because we do not bring each other down, we build each other up and that’s our beauty and power.
— Event attendee
In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us.
— Janet Jackson

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