Look At What You've Done

On the 1st day of the 3rd chapter of 2017, Jane Deezy (resident Cheeky Darky, prodigal daughter of Mama Africa, goddess and AMMONATION member) dropped her track 'Look At What You've Done' and I am vining! The track is produced by Angus Cleland aka SUG of Summer Thieves.

Laced over a fire beat, the 3.07minutes of realness touches on the state of affairs of the world especially for black bodies universally with a focus on police brutality in the USA. In the first verse we hear Deezy shed some light on not only how police brutality impacts the innocent lives that are murdered unjustly but how it impacts the lives of their families and has a domino effect on the community. Throughout the first verse she makes reference to the way in which police brutality has been handled and how it reflects on how the state of black bodies universally and the issues that impact our livelihood is handled: swept under the rug, witnessed by the whole world and met with disregard, carelessness and denial. 

While some may argue that issues that impact black bodies in America doesn't impact black bodies elsewhere, she dismantles that belief in the first few lines by urging us to be aware of divide and conquer tactics, after all it is about ubuntu - all for one and one for all. 

I feel this anthem calls for unity, it calls for reflection on how those issues that impact us are being handled and instead of looking outward for solutions to the problems, we must look inward and begin to come up with solutions collectively for all that we seek in within. In the wise words of the High Priestess Solange: for us, by us. 

I am vibing to this tune and I am here for that smooth transition into what seems like a confrontation to the system. Press play below to bump the heat. 

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Makanaka Tuwe

A neatly packaged combination of tree hugger, tea drinker, cider loving, self appointed wine connoisseur, explorer, social entrepreneur, woman’s rights activist, reggae swaying, serial snap chatter, people loving, community and social development dreamer, book reading, free spirited dynamite. Can be found laughing at inappropriate memes or happenings of life.  Hailing from the Southern part of the African continent, Zimbabwe, I am a citizen of the world and above all a womanist.


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