On Sunday 7 May we hosted our first workshop and event in Wellington ever! What an amazing afternoon we shared with the sisters that came out discussing goals, passions, purpose, what the future looks like and how each day steps can be taken towards that future. It was so heartwarming to hear about the plans each sister had including traveling to Zimbabwe to do something in mental health, buying a house with a partner, resting/taking time out, traveling and finishing off university.

Yesterday as we were reflecting on the time we had spent in Wellington, the gram alerted us that someone had tagged us in a post. The following was something written after the workshop by one of the sisters.

#motivationmonday admire someone’s beauty without questioning your own. Growing in a country were I was the minority, I was often bullied and told I was ugly, or my birthmark (mole) was gorss and countless colourful things mean kids say so never considered myself a beautiful person. It’s been a long journey to learn the truth, everyone is beautifully and wonderfully made and beauty really comes from within. Thanks @afrikagram for running an amazing event to empower women to be the best “YOU” they can be.
— Laura

Our hearts were warmed and they are full right now. We are looking forward to more workshops with women and who knows maybe something for the fellas soon.