Third Culture African Voices

On the 27th of May we had the pleasure of opening the 'I AM AFRIKA ON MY SLEEVE' exhibition at The West Auckland Research Centre. What an amazing afternoon we had sharing Afrika on My Sleeve's journey. Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us, we are humbled. 

The last four years of collaborations and projects wouldn’t have been possible without the love & support of the people that came on board and most importantly the community. Thank you for being a part of campaigns, for attending workshops and for fully embracing the platform with an understanding that this is for us by us. Thank you for standing beside Afrika on My Sleeve, the manifestation of the Ubuntu spirit (all for one and one for all) has been reflected and continues to shine through because of your actions and unwavering support. 

What started off as a fashion show to provide a platform for designers inspired by Afrika has now blossomed into a platform thay champions for authentic voice representions of people of Afrikan descent in New Zealand and across the diaspora. It has also been a journey full of lessons and a lot of growth.

Thank you thank you thank you! Sisters and brothers of Afrika, your melanin and your Afrikanness is a blessing, sometimes it may not seem like it but trust me the glory is in you. Thank you for journeying with this platform for the last four years, I am looking forward to four more years infinitely. 

Thank you to Peter for dressing me. Click here to shop your own Afro-inspired look