I once read somewhere that black love is the manifestation of acts of love between people of colour. Whether it be a couple, a mother braiding her daughter's hair, two black men acknowledging each other on the street with the "nod", sisters of colour gathering together eating and dancing and it is also un/learning what it means to love yourself as a black person. 

Black love is coexisting in each other’s space and always feeling safe and protected.
— Unknown

As part of Kora - The Third Culture Research Project, one of the projects is exploring the interactions and relationships between people of colour, specifically people of African descent. Rumbi (the project lead) is looking to develop affirmations for people of colour based on their perceptions, experiences and definitions of black love. 

We wanted to know:

What are the three words that come to mind when you hear Black Love? 

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Black love is the sacrifices your parents made for you, to see you flourish, and the miles our people walked to see change in equality. It’s that love guarded by grandma’s prayers
— Unknown