Favour Gift (aspiring fashion designer) asked herself, why is it that in her experience people only wore what they conspired African inspired fashion at African events or as costume? Why was it that not many people were wearing their African attires to work, to hang out with friends and why was it not being integrated into their daily look?

As part of Kora - The Third Culture Research Project, Favour is looking for 5 people to wear some pieces she has made as part of their daily look and write down how they felt when they wore the piece. The styling will be entirely up to you and on the day we will ask that you take a few photos from different angles (hello blogger pose: looking to the side with your feet crossed) you know do it for the 'gram and write down how you felt rocking the piece.

If you are interested please send an email to africaonmysleeve@gmail.com or slide in our DMs on Facebook. We will get back to you with some options and arrange a time for pick up or drop off.  Scroll on for a sneak peak of some of the pieces Favour has made in the past.