We are excited to announce that in September we are headed to Melbourne to host a Goals & Head Wraps session in collaboration with THEBLVCKMUSE. More details about that coming soon!


Elesha's experiences of being ostracised in a predominately white community and even her own community is what led to her creating THEBLVCKMUSE movement. The main purpose is to empower, promote, uplift, support and unite POC living in the Asia Pacific through social media promotion, collaborations, projects and events.

'I experienced racism for the first time at the age of 7,   I was the only black girl in a group of 6 and I thought that I belonged until I overhead two of the girls planning to kick me out of the group because I was  'too black'. I was so  hurt and heartbroken, I honestly didn't even know how to react, I just stopped hanging out with them and sadly enough, I haven't really had many white friends since then due to fear of judgement.' -that was one of many experiences.

Racism, colourism and tribalism  are issues that affects you emotionally and psychologically and I know that a lot of us just want to be accepted which is why creating a platform for ethnic minorities to share their stories and speak about their experiences was so important to me. 

'I remember in Year 12, one of my teachers told me that I would  never amount to anything' instead of being hurt, I used it as a motivating factor and a lot of us are discouraged of our capabilities  because of the colour of our skin and are left scarred by those words.

Being black means that we have to work so hard to be respected and if we don't support each other, who will. THEBLVCKMUSE is all about breaking barriers and taboos and opening conversations about mental health, injustice, relationships and so much more. We shouldn't be afraid to share because of fear and I want to give a voice to the voiceless.

I see THEBLVCKMUSE growing each year and expanding it's outreach to more people, yes it's  based in Melbourne, but I am excited to expand to other cities in Australian and other nations in the Asia Pacific because there are so many of us here that feel alone and honestly, I just want everyone to feel accepted and supported in their own community.

Apart from THEBLVCKMUSE, Elesha is also studying a Double degree in Communications and Sociology.

Get is sis!