Recently I have been having conversations about how absurd the price of sanitary products is, like literally having your something, which is something you don't choose to have, is a financial set back. Let's also not forget the chocolate, tissues and bits and pieces we invest in when Aunty Flow pays us a visit. We have been discussing why sanitary products aren't as accessible as condoms and how we are extremely privileged to be able to afford them (this isn't an exaggeration there is literally conversation out there about women who have to choose whether to buy sanitary products or bread to feed their children). 

As I was scrolling down the timeline a few days ago I came across a post by one of brothers in New Zealand about his trip back to the Zimbabwe and how he is fundraising to provide pads for the sisters in the village he grew up in, Rusape. This is a beautiful and necessary cause, read below for what he had to say about his trip. 

Most of my friends would have heard me rambling on about my trip back home to Zimbabwe after decade, its like 5 months away but i’m too excited anyway. That’s besides the point.

As much as i’m looking forward to my holiday, i’m also looking forward to doing my part in helping small communities. Growing up as a male i didn’t face many, if any adversities associated with a maturing body - other than acne. In comparison to girls, they have to pay for sanitary products and they are quite expensive. Since i grew up in a village, after coming here and noticing how expensive all the products to do with periods are here..i wondered how girls back home dealt with the issue? Although the subject is taboo in my culture, even here. who better to ask than my own mother, Faustinah Ndlovu about it. She didn’t shy away from explaining how they dealt with issue and how they are still dealing with it now. I learnt that, instead of pads they use a cloth - which they basically wash and reuse. Or they won’t turn up to school or any public gathering. I think that is a way of stripping someone’s dignity.

Anyway, i have decided that, rather than feeling sorry for them, i’ll do something about it. What better way than fundraising? So instead of getting overly excited about my coming holiday, i’ll do some running and mountain climbing and challenge myself for something i think is important but is never properly addressed. (if you have any fundraising ideas let me know).

The goal is to provide sanitary pads to primary and secondary schools in the district i’m from.

Every idea needs a starting point, and this post is the starting point.


Edit: bank account number.
— Tafadzwa Hove