11 more sleeps till Goals and Head Wraps Melbourne in collaboration with THEBLVCKMUSE! The session will be entered around empowerment, passion and purpose. There is a fantastic line-up of performers, panelists and activities in store for the day. Joining us as panelists is Ntombi Moyo, an incredibly talented Creative Director & Stylist and Danielle Hill, Make-Up Artist and Founder of Zorra Cosmetics. 

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Ntombi Moyo is a Creative Director and Stylist within fashion photography. She has her studio in St. Kilda and also creates under The Photo Studio AU at a studio in Fitzroy. Ntombi has a degree in business management and weighs in on this through her free lance work with individuals, fashion labels and artists within the industry. Ntombi's first love however will always be writing and sharing stories with those that resonate. 


Zorra cosmetics Is a true love of colour. It is powerful it is strong it is truly for the vixen in all of us, it's for everyone who loves the hip pop culture or for the strong independent woman who wants a little spice and culture in her makeup. Zorra is a diverse and sexy cosmetic line that is truly for all women of colour.  

Zorra cosmetics is the manifested dream of Danielle Hill, Danielle is an accomplished makeup artist. she began her career nearly 20 years ago in Boston working with leading cosmetic brands. Since then she has worked with a variety of cosmetic lines most know as ( cover girl Bcbg Nars urban decay and makeup forever ). In addition she has had the opportunity to do to makeup for BET 106 and Park the cast MTV hit show " Made", TLC's two hit shows " DoubleDivas " and " Say yes to the dress ". For over 11 years she was a store director for Sephora the number one cosmetic company in America and continued that role bringing the brand to Australia. 

Danielle is an expert in the artistry of makeup, whether it is to subtly enhance a face or completely transform it. Dannie is a master of her craft, and his exceptional talent and passion has positioned her as 1 of the 10 most successful Store Directors and makeup artists in Sephora .
During her time with Sephora Danielle role include advising on product development and artistry education; and delivering exceptional service to clients at sephora stores around the country and world wide 

Now I teach makeup classes around the world and share my secrets that I've learned through 20 years of experience. Playing with cosmetics is my favorite thing to do and ,for years, mainstream makeup lines offered several shades to complement fair skin tones but nothing darker than suntan for women of color. This pushed some women to become their own makeup artists, mixing and matching from different lines to create their own palettes.  But no more ! This is where my passion comes in.