Sisters, new year, new you; new year, old you. Either way it doesn’t matter its time to celebrate the New Year, celebrate each other, set our goals and march towards our purpose with fierce intent.

On the 12th of February let us gather together and turn those goals into reality over a beautiful array of cheese, wine and food. The purpose of the event is to share our 2017 goals and discuss how we can collectively and individually help each other achieve them. As they say behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back. There is also a lot of stereotypes about women competing with each other, being jealous of each other and all sorts that we don’t agree with. Our motto and understanding of the sisterhood is that the presence of one woman’s beauty, talent and shine is not the absence of yours. We are full of talent and our gifts are out of this world; it is time we let them shine unapologetically.

This event will be catered for and tickets are $30.00 per head. Your ticket money will go towards catering for the day and goal setting activities. Catering is being outsourced to allow all of us to participate and enjoy.

We will also be launching an exciting transformational project for everyone to get involved in.

Ready, set, go get your life sister; the life you deserve!

Dress code: head wrap