AfriKa on My Sleeve fused elements of a fashion show and art exhibition providing a well-rounded perspective on African design, culture and lifestyle. The event tapped into the energy and creativity of Auckland city's African inspired designers, cultivating their passion for fashion and art, ultimately sprinkling some African flavor on the New Zealand fashion and art scene.

Africa On My Sleeve 2013 was held at KFM in Auckland, New Zealand. In it's first year the event celebrated the African creative class and provided an opportunity for partnering organisations to connect with fashion lovers from a diverse background. Additionally, Africa on My Sleeve featured New Zealand born designer Lucy-Mae Goffe-Robertson and Thai born Lucie Sutichinta who are both inspired by African culture. Inclusion of all reflected the integration of the African culture in New Zealand as well as represented the colourful diversified makeup of the New Zealand society.

The six designers showcased in 2013 are:

  • Chipo Chiyangwa
  • Portia Muumbe
  • Lucie Sutichunta
  • Maureen Chimwayange
  • Nomsa Botshiwe
  • Lucy-Mae Goffe-Robertson

Photo credit: Nina Gasterich 

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