My name is Jahra Rager/

I AM a/
womanly colour/
contemporary dancer/
spoken word poet/
creative vessel/

I am from Aotearoa, New Zealand/
My Melanesian indigenous roots are in Fiji /
I am twenty-three years old/

My creative works are generally interdisciplinary solo and group theatre dance works that active the space between contemporary dance movement and live poetry, whilst being supported by other mediums/ 
They are based on political and social events, specifically those surrounding racial injustice, cultural identity and women's empowerment/
I produce work that creates space for open discussion on the connections between historical events that influence our present/
I aim to challenge the audience, exchange with the audience, entertain the audience, and to ultimately uplift the audience/

My first full-length contemporary dance and spoken word poetry theatre work 
MOTHER/JAW, in collaboration with Grace Woollett, had its first SOLD-OUT season in February 2015 as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival/