Name: Joanna Jallaguier

“Fashion is a great platform to express ideas and an efficient communicator as it is close to people. I see it as a playground where I get to experiment with colours and textures, set my rules and define my own language.” – Joanna Jallaguier 2014

 After a trip to South Africa designer Joanna Jallaguier was introduced to African inspired fashion. Joanna was amazed by the diversity of the country and it soon became an inspirational trip. “I fell in love with South Africa, the landscapes, the colours, the way people dress, the fabrics, the beadwork, the plants, the animals, the fruit, the seaside. It was a hub of inspiration”.

 A champion of ethical fashion practices Joanna designs her collections with respect for the environment and people in mind. “I pay close attention to where the fabrics I use come from plus I experiment a lot with recycled textiles and garments”.

 After studying Fashion and Textile Design in France, Joanna’s wanderlust led her to New Zealand where she currently interns at Kowtow. Favourite designers:  Walter Van Beirendonck, Jil Sander, Kowtow, Jacquemus, Graphic Designer Fanette Mellier, Photographer Viviane Sassen and Illustrator Lovisa Burfitt.