kings & queens collection

Through the medium of fashion, Africa on My Sleeve intends to tell the untold story of Africa. We seek to educate about the history of Africa in a manner that is accessible and easily understood by all. We also seek to set a standard that fashion is not just about clothing but can be fused with art and history to create a timeless experience.

 The Kings & Queens collection takes inspiration from the Kings and Queens of Africa, men and women who made a mark in African history. The collection was designed to encourage discussion about an aspect of African history that most people, like we, as a team did not know about.

 When they speak of African history the imagery we receive is of ‘masters’ whipping our ancestors. They continuously retell the story of the plight our ancestors made out of Africa as slaves. The focus is on how our ancestors were sold, abused and killed for many years. They also focus on stories of the ‘dark’ continent and present starving children and paint a picture of a place that is full of poverty, disease, death and famine.

 They do all they can to suppress, distort and ignore the fact that we are heirs. Long before the slavery, colonialisation, poverty and death we were Kings and Queens of Kingdoms. Kingdoms that stretched far and wide; gold, silver and jewels that rivaled even the richest men of today.

We had a lot of ideas for this collection, but this struck out the most to us as it is a representation of our values of collaboration and aim of telling Africa’s untold story through fashion. The Kings and Queens were selected on the basis that we wanted to cover the different regions of Africa as well as shed a light on the different historical figures round the continent.  The collection presents an iconic simplicity. Kings and Queens are characterized with words such as ‘powerful, wise, rich and authoritative’. We are lucky to have collaborated with Bianca Paulus and Tee Tomu, both talented artists and other creatives on this project. The collaboration is a joint to raise funds for the 2014 Africa on My Sleeve project.

 Please note the artwork is not is not a representation or true depiction of the Kings and Queens we have selected.

 We are proud and excited to present: Kings & Queens.