Name: Lesem

“Great detail, execution of an idea & presentation of each individual garment are fundamentals of our design process. This is because they are the direct tools of communicating our creations to our clients.” – Lesem 2014

 Birthed from a love of fashion and culture, Lesem is the brainchild of Australian based designers Lesego Johnson and Semakaleng Hlapane.

 “We came together because of our relationship with fashion. For us fashion is a silent way of communication that allows us to freely express our identity and share a story”.

 Drawing inspiration from the African culture, Lesem are in the process of creating a collection that will include natural and the unique journey of the African woman.

 “The richness, beauty and untold history of Africa is what inspires us. Plus there is just so much you can draw from the continent, the colours, the print, the fabric, the beads, art and elaborate textures”.

 Embarking on the fashion journey last year, Lesem have had the opportunity to dress the likes of the South-African High Commissioner's Diplomats, Natasha Town, Member of Parliament Julie Owens and showcasing at several shows in Australia.

 Find out more about Lesem by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest at Lesemfashions. Visit their website www.lesemfashions.com to see which markets and cultural festivals they will be at.