Name: Liz Ogumbo
Label name: Liz Ogumbo

“Africa is rich in agriculture amongst other untapped resources and if we continue to ignore the untapped potential within our continent and keep going out to buy our fabric, manufacture our garments outside the continent, we are limiting our growth. If we all decide to change our mindsets and build within our space, we will be able to impact so many other lives by opening up employment channels for our local people and dance to tunes of self-dependence.”– Liz Ogumbo-Regisford 2014

 Starting out as a model 15 years ago, Liz has spent some years in the industry as the face of fashion and now a designer. In 2004 she founded “Imani Models” in LA in a move to advocate for the rights of models based on personal experience.

 After three years her advocacy and passion for women led to her introducing her fashion brand ‘Liz Ogumbo’.

 “My passion is in how women are perceived in society and how she constantly evolves. My clothing line consists of bold, elegant, timeless pieces that invite women to embrace their own self-definition that comes from within and not defined by society”.

 As her clothing line grew, Liz showcased at Arise Fashion Week, Mozambique Fashion Week, South Africa Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week NYC and LACE. Currently her focus is on championing for sustainability in fashion.

 Sustainability in fashion is key! I am encouraging the fashion industry to play a role in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the production process of making garments for the average consumer. Let us be responsible fashion lovers”.

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