Label: Lucy*Mae’d

 Designer: Lucy-Mae Goffe-Robertson

Born out of creative curiosity, a rule-breaking spirit and attitude, Lucy*Mae’d’s designs are an on-going practice of exploration. Lucy-Mae Goffe-Robertson began sewing and designing 10 years ago, when inspiration struck her.

“I was at university studying visual arts when I met the Bhutti fairies. These girls made their own clothes and did not follow trends or fashion rules. It was all about collecting things and making something out of them”.

As her studies in visual arts progressed, Lucy-Mae’s paintings became clothing. The self-taught designer began to sew what she saw, without the need of using patterns or instructions.

“I personally believe that patterns are very restricting because in a way you are telling yourself that you need to follow something rigidly. Without a pattern I am very much open to possibilities and I just go with the flow”.

Since her market days Lucy-Mae has remained true to the environment and sustainability. Through upcyling, the designer has realised how empowering being able to recreate trash into clothing or jewelry is.

“This is my world and I upcycle it and experiment based on what catches my fancy. I grew up shopping at markets and garage sales instead of malls and shops. Recreating from waste is important; I want to elevate the old into a new life. Old fabric and clothes carry a history and a past soul that needs to be honored. I want to treasure and honor by up-cycling these into new garments and that makes them unique and more beautiful.”

Find out more about Lucy-Mae by visiting her at her boutique (602 Great North Road, Auckland) and liking her Facebook page