Name: Maureen Tinashe Chimwayange

Label Name: Nashe by Design

Maureen, tell me how do you manage being a radiographer and still have time to design? Do you have some sort of schedule?
Well with anything that you love doing you tend to excel at it. I design on impulse or when I have an event that I am going to. I could go shopping but find its easier for me to just make my own clothing and the clothes always have a better fit than store bought clothes as they are tailor made.

Who stimulated your passion for fashion?
My mother is a design lecture and growing up l was made to help with hemming the outfits that she made and the passion slowly grew from there, pretty much turned from something l "had" to do into something l enjoyed doing with her.

Now, when it comes to African print what’s your take on it?African print is a representation of who I am, an African from the beautiful vibrant country of Zimbabwe. What makes me love African prints so much is how vibrant the print and colours are, just BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD. It screams out joy!

Do you follow trends?
No I don’t, I tend to be quiet selfish and make things according to what looks good on the person and what suits their body type. The thing with trends is that they come and go, they never quiet last. If you make something according to what looks good on the person I think that’s a better statement for your work.

Why the name Nashe by Design?
My middle name is Tinashe and it means we are with God in Shona; Nashe is just the shortened version of the name, which means with God. Simple and straight to the point