My name means my soul

Nefsie Dawit Teketse

I am 6 years old and I turn 7 on the 8th of May 2017. My name means my soul

No one has the same name as me, everyone has the same name as other people and I am the only one who is called Nefsie. I go to school for five days and I kind of like it. What I like about school is free time when we get to do whatever we want. During free time I draw flowers, pictures and girls. I don’t like writing at school because it gets harder and harder and they tell us what to write. They tell us to check our similes, do our capitals and full stops and underline all the details so we can see it. If they didn’t have rules I would like writing, I would write that I got new shoes. 

Notes by Makanaka Tuwe: I made a note to tell Nefsie that she did not have the same name as everybody else because she is very special and unique. After the interview her sister Mahlete Tetseke said that she thinks it is very cool that at such a young age Nefsie is opinionated with a powerful energy.