Cradle of Creativity

Date: 29 November 2014

Time: 7.00pm

Location: The Opera House, Wellington New Zealand

Africa on My Sleeve 2014 presents 'Cradle of Creativity', a fashion showcase that will present the different tribes, regions and cultural practices of the continent’s 54 countries. This is to showcase Africa as the bread basket of creativity. The vision for the showcase is to tell the untold story of Africa in the form of fashion and create a dialogue that increases the knowledge of the motherland. Innovative approaches to present the showcase’s theme and Africa’s untold story will be artistic and theatrical - presenting fashion as a form of art and vice versa.




The venue, which has been described as an architectural icon and synonymous with history and heritage captures the essence of Africa on My Sleeve. More than a fashion show, 'Cradle of Creativity' will take the audience on a journey to to a place beyond their imagination. 

A multi-faceted showcase that encapsulates the spirit of our designer's creativity, 'Cradle of Creativity' will showcase 10 designers who are creating handcrafted capsule collections inspired by Africa.

The 10 designers for the showcase will be presented weekly under the ‘Meet our designers’ tab.

Keep an eye out for more details about ticket sales.