Name: Toluwade Toyin-Kehinde
Label name: Lade Couture

“African fashion has evolved from blouses and wrappers to an authentic work of art. I would attribute it to the strength and vibrancy of the continent.” – Toluwalade Toyin-Kehinde 2014

Not one to pin point a favourite designer, Toyin is inspired by different fashion brands such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Dealoa Sagoe, Duro Oluwo and Folake Coker. Amongst those designers she is also inspired by her surroundings.

“Everything around me inspires me, from nature to food to animals, just everything. As a designer I have learnt to be open about my what inspires me so I allow my thinking to be as diverse as possible.”

Based in the Philippines, Toluwade Toyin-Kahinde believes that fashion is an expression of art and something that can communicate a thousand words. As a designer what matters most to her is how fashion has an allowance for original beauty and individuality.

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