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Drums & Dialogue

The beat of the drum is synonymous to the beat of our hearts. As products of the African diaspora sometimes we find ourselves asking "Who am I" and "What does it mean to be African". Although the media has bombarded our minds with imagery of poverty, famine and death, we know that there is much more to Africa than that. We are aware of the cultural richness of the continent and wish these images did not exist as they showcase an unbalanced representation of the place we call home.

As these images circulate, when we question what it means to be African those around us are quick to place judgement or have preconceived perceptions about who we are but enough is enough. We invite you to come and share your experiences and stories with us about what it means to YOU to be an African. 

Facilitated by a panel of talented individuals who are using their stories as inspiration for their art form, we invite you to come along and join us as we begin this journey of navigating our identity. 

The purpose of this workshop is for us to use our voices to create and share our own narrative. From the start of the day we will ask ourselves who we are, we will contextualise the meaning of the drum to our people, we will hear from musicians about how they have used music as a tool to tell their stories then we will get into the studio and begin to write, create and politick. Ultimately, we want to inspire and channel advocacy for a more positive representation of Africa and its people.

Limited spaces available, to register your interest sign up here before the 21st of May.