Name: Zuzana Lhotova
Label name: Chizika Fashion

I like it when a client customer writes me and tells me how much she loved something I made her. I am happy when my designs can lift up people’s moods or when they become someone’s favourite item” – Zuzana Lhotova 2014

 From a young age Zuzana could be found drawing pictures of dresses that she wanted. During her research in Tanzania she fell in love with African textiles and from there she begun to design her first collection.

 “When I was studying social and cultural anthropology I did my research in Tanzania. At that time I viewed fashion design as something I did for fun, I never knew it would result in a series of fashion weeks including Swahili Fashion Week in 2013”.

 During her time in Tanzania, the streets and the life on them inspired Zuzana. As people moved and communicated with each other, they was an energy that served as the foundation of her collections.

 “Africa inspires me because people have a sense to live in the present and to live in the present to the fullest. They are full of life and the colour is just charmingly beautiful”.

 Find out more about Zuzana by visiting her website www.chizika.com or liking her Facebook page Chizika Fashion.